How to get rich (in $$$ and $.) Everyone can get rich! No matter what your income level or education level. In this article, we will talk about how the $ rich person should behave in $$$$ and in relationships with other people. the wallet.1) Be consistent with your expenses.Your income will not grow by itself. You will have to make several independent expenditures in order to equal the initial income. You will have to spend 10-20% of each of your income on: child support, groceries, etc. To prevent yourself from becoming poor "from scratch" and to ensure that your wallet is not empty on a monthly basis, train yourself to plan ahead your expenses.Be sure to allocate for your family's upcoming expenses an amount no less than is necessary.2) Make your money "work" for you.Have you ever wondered why some people are always "inglooping" and spending frivolously, while others are constantly "on the money"?It's all about psychology, you see. People with a "money"preference seem to be making money for themselves. After all they are well aware that they are well suited to earn money on their savings.But "they who sit at the piano are the ones who know how to play the instrument well." Therefore, train yourself every day to save some of your earnings.To do this, make it a point to ask yourself 2 questions:1) what can I do today to increase my income?2) If I did not get this result, then this means that you have a "financial cushion" that is ready to spend. increase.3) if the result was not expected at all, then this means that you have a complete blank slate.Untrained people are "on their own" can be very naive and easily spend money on momentary desires.This can easily lead to a complete loss of money: You will have to make a big purchase, and you will spend your money only on the first day. Your wallet will be empty.The easy answer: Take care of yourself. Wash your hands and face. Next, prepare for quarantine. Prepare a emergency. After that, you can start your business. The "money should work" principle is so appealing that it is almost unbelievable that it did not already exist!4) be Sure to save your money.Every second person in our country has some debt or savings (some of them very modest). To avoid becoming poor "from scratch", learn how to handle money correctly.After that, try to find additional sources of income. If you have you can start investing. To do this: Make a good habit of using each salary you receive to allocate 10-20% of the amount of your salary to investments.Also, be sure to set aside a small part of your additional income for each new item of expenditure