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What are the risks of providing data to CryptFolio?
Security is taken very seriously. This site has been designed to be as secure as possible:

  • No passwords are stored on this site - all authentication is performed via OpenID, meaning you (or your ID provider) is responsible for authentication security.
  • No funds are stored on this site either - all premium account payments are paid to wallets hosted in a different datacentre.
  • The underlying code base is also open sourced to help reduce the likelihood of security vunerabilities.
  • The only real risk of using CryptFolio is in the case of a major security breach, where a third party is able to reduce your anonymity by seeing what accounts and addresses you hold. Not supplying your name or e-mail address - which are both optional at signup - can reduce the impact of this scenario.
  • You can further reduce the impact of such a breach by inserting in false addresses, or only providing cold wallet addresses (for example) - CryptFolio does not care if you actually control the addresses you provide.

That said, perfect security is impossible. If you feel uncomfortable with providing a third party site a list of your addresses, you might not wish to use CryptFolio. (You could also deploy your own local copy.)
Can anyone ever access my funds?
Because the only data that you provide to CryptFolio are public addresses, and read-only APIs, it should not be possible for anyone to perform any trade or transaction with any of your currencies - as long as your account providers maintain their security as well.
One of my accounts is not being processed.
An account or address is displayed in red if CryptFolio cannot request a particular API or address, if the API key does not have the necessary permissions, or if the remote service is currently down. Make sure that you have entered in your API details correctly.

If you are sure you have entered in the correct details, send us an e-mail and we will try to help you find the problem.
What does bid and ask mean? new
The bid price is the highest price that a buyer is willing to pay; the ask price is the lowest price that a seller is willing to accept. The bid price is never higher than the ask price.

The bid price is also known as the sell price; and the ask price known as the buy price.
I found a bug!
This site is still in beta, and we would love to hear your feedback. Contact details are provided at the bottom of every page.
Why does my Bitcoin/Litecoin address balance seem to be a few blocks behind?
Currently all cryptocurrency addresses are only evaluated against transactions that have six or more confirmations. This will be added as a user option soon.
Can I access my report data with APIs?
Of course; APIs are one of the first features that will be implemented after the public beta release.
Where does CryptFolio obtain fiat currency exchange rates from?
CryptFolio currently obtains fiat currency exchange rates (for example, USD/EUR) from the fantastic service provided by TheMoneyConverter.

Note that these exchange rates are not guaranteed for accuracy or reliability. If you would like to add accurate exchange data from a different service such as or Open Exchange Rates, please contact us for pricing.
Can I sponsor/add a bounty on a bug/issue/feature?
Absolutely. You can sponsor/bounty a bug, issue or feature request by purchasing a premium account, and then e-mailing us with the details of the task (or tasks) that you would like to sponsor. Sponsored tasks are our number one priorities.

In the future there will be a way to sponsor tasks automatically, and sponsor activity will be made public (unless otherwise requested).
Why do free accounts have limits?
It takes significant computing power and network capacity to keep track of all of the currencies, exchanges, accounts and services for many users; regularly compile them into reports; and display these reports as requested in a timely manner. However, the limits of both free and premium accounts will be increased over time as resources permit. (Statistics will be provided soon once the beta is up and running.)

If you would like access to a wider range of currencies, addresses and accounts - and you would like to have your reports updated more frequently - please consider upgrading to a premium account.
What does "Address has too many transactions" mean?
Address balances retrieved through Litecoin Explorer and Feathercoin Search, both based off Abe, cannot display address balances if the address has too many transactions. To solve this problem we need to run our own custom blockchain APIs on a separate server - please consider donating or purchasing a premium account.
Why must free accounts log in every X days?
Free users must log into CryptFolio every 30 days in order to keep their account active. This means that system resources dedicated to free accounts can be optimised for only those users that are active.

When a free account is disabled, historical account data and graphs will not be removed, but existing accounts and addresses will no longer be updated automatically, and summaries will no longer be calculated. As soon as you have logged back in, your accounts and addresses will once again be updated as normal.

Premium users do not have any activity requirements.
Is this site accessible through .bit?
Yes - you can access this site using Namecoin by visiting http://cryptfolio.bit (or http://openclerk.bit for the open source project).
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