Can you add support for another fiat currency?

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We want to add support for as many fiat currencies as we can to Openclerk (the underlying open source project), with priority on fiat currencies that are in highest demand.

Currently CryptFolio supports the United States dollar, Pound sterling, Euro, Canadian dollar, Australian dollar, New Zealand dollar, Renminbi, Polish złoty, Israeli new shekel, South Korean won, Singapore dollar, Danish krone, and Indian rupee fiat currencies.

Requesting a new fiat currency

If you would like Openclerk to support a new fiat currency, please let us know through one of the following methods:

Announcements Announcements Mailing List
Twitter @cryptfolio
Facebook cryptfolio
Blog CryptFolio Blog
Forum Bitcoin Forum
Forum Litecoin Forum

If you would like to increase the priority of adding your preferred fiat currency to Openclerk, you might want to consider sponsoring the task or supporting CryptFolio by purchasing a premium account.