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We want to add as many exchanges, pools and services as we can to Openclerk (the underlying open source project). The requirements for supporting a new service are:

  • The service needs to be stable, and accept free public registrations.
  • The service needs to have a public API to obtain balances per currency.
  • This public API must be read-only; it must not be possible for someone with a read-only API key to perform an exchange or trade.

Exchanges/pools/services that do not have a suitable read-only API yet at the time of writing:
  • BIPS (wallet API was removed)
  • Bitcoin China
  • Bitcurex (API is not safe – #297)
  • Bitfinex (API is not safe – #283)
  • BitGo (#288)
  • Wallet (API is not safe – #195)
  • BTER (#237)
  • CampBX (read-only API "coming in September")
  • CoinJar (requested)
  • Coinotron (on development list)
  • CoinEX (API is not safe – #37)
  • (PayAPI is not safe – #106)
  • Coin.Mx
If you would like one of these services to add a safe read-only API, let them know!

Example: Existing mining pool software

Mining pools that are run on existing mining pool software, such as MPOS and mmcFE, often automatically provide users with read-only API keys for balances and hashrates. These pools can easily be added to Openclerk.

There are many supported pools that follow this approach. For example, and HashFaster both provide a read-only API key for each account (illustrated).

Example: A read-only balance API key

This approach is an easy way to add read-only API keys to a service that either has no API, or already supports a full trade API. In this approach, a different API key is generated for each account, and this API key is explicitly read-only.

This means the service does not need to support revoking keys, managing multiple keys, managing key permissions etc. However, this does mean that once an API key is shared, it cannot be revoked.

For example, Litecoin Global provided a read-only API key for each account (illustrated).

Example: Permissions-based API keys

This approach involves much more work but is the most powerful approach. In this approach, a service supports multiple API keys, with each API key given different permissions - including a read-only "Get Balance" permission. API keys can also be revoked at any time, making this the most secure approach as well.

For example, Havelock Investments allows multiple API keys to be created, each with different permissions (illustrated).

Requesting a new service

If you would like Openclerk to support a new mining pool, exchange or service, please let us know through one of the following methods:

Announcements Announcements Mailing List
Twitter @cryptfolio
Facebook cryptfolio
Blog CryptFolio Blog
Forum Bitcoin Forum
Forum Litecoin Forum

If you would like to increase the priority of adding your preferred exchange, pool or service to Openclerk, you might want to consider sponsoring the task or supporting CryptFolio by purchasing a premium account.