How do I add a BitMinter mining pool account?

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Adding a BitMinter account

  1. Log into your BitMinter account, and select the Donations & perks link under "My Account".
  2. Adjust your BTC and NMC donation amounts so that you can enable the "API" key.
  3. Select the API keys link under "My Account".
  4. Create a new API key by entering in a label, and clicking "Add".
  5. Copy and paste this new Key into the "Add new Mining Pool" form, and click "Add account".

Is it safe to provide CryptFolio a BitMinter API key?

  • At the time of writing, a BitMinter API key can only be used to retrieve account balances and worker status; it is not possible to perform transactions or change user details using the API key.
  • Your BitMinter API keys will never be displayed on the CryptFolio site, even if you have logged in.
  • You may revoke access to existing API keys at any time by visiting your API keys page and removing the key.