How are transactions automatically created?

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How are transactions automatically created?

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As of Openclerk 0.22, all of your accounts and addresses can automatically generate transactions for historical and future daily activity.

Transactions will be generated by comparing the balance of each account for each currency, against the balance for that account and currency, from the day before. This means that at most there will only be one transaction created every day for every account and currency pair.

Transactions can be automatically created for all types of addresses, mining pool accounts, exchange accounts, and other accounts. Transactions are not generated for securities exchanges accounts or individual security accounts, since their values generally change so frequently that generating transactions would be pointless.

You may enable or disable automatic transaction generation by visiting your accounts wizard and toggling transaction generation through the wizards. Disabling transaction generation will prevent any future transactions from being generated, but it will not delete any historical transactions.

To prevent historical transactions from being accidentally deleted, you should not delete old accounts, but rather disable them through the wizard.