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Version History

Recent version history can also be viewed at the CryptFolio Blog or on the Bitcoin Forum.

27 April
Moved exchange wallets into projects; added OAuth2 login support with Google Accounts, and GitHub; accounts can now have multiple OAuth2 identities; migrated OpenID login with Google to OAuth2; disabled the Vault of Satoshi, Crypto-Trade and Justcoin exchanges; added new Justcoin exchange wallet.
20 March
Moved mining pools into projects; added ticker APIs; disabled the 50BTC, CoinHuntr, DedicatedPool, ElitistJerks, HashFaster FTC,,, MiningForeman,, MuPool, Nut2Pools,,, Team Doge and WeMineFTC mining pools; disabled the Crypto-Trade and VirtEx exchange tickers; fixed Kraken exchange ticker not updating and displaying incorrect values; fixed missing Cryptsy exchange ticker historical graphs; Cryptsy historical graphs now display last trade, rather than bid/ask, due to API limitations; fixed issue with some users' summary graphs not updating; refreshed historical market averages; external projects now include a link to help contribute; the status of openclerk dependencies is now available.
4 March
Released initial API; updated signup country list; fixed DOGE and BLK address balances; fixed failing notifications sending invalid emails; completed more work in componentising the underlying application architecture.
4 February
Added currency support for StorjCoin; added new block explorer for HBN addresses; exchange pairs are now updated automatically; fixed test account buttons not displaying in your accounts wizards; updated features list.
9 January
Added new block explorers for VTC, MEC, IXC, FTC and TRC addresses; rebranded Blackcoin from BC to BLK; email messages are now provided in both HTML and text; updated the list of cryptocurrency community resources; released the project page; completed initial work in componentising the underlying application architecture.
22 November
Added currency support for NuBits and NuShares; added BitNZ exchange accounts; added BTER exchange tickers; updated Give Me Coins supported currencies; disabled BTCInve security exchange; graphs can now display two years of data; your wizards now display current balances for each account.
7 November
Added currency support for Reddcoin and Viacoin; added NiceHash, WestHash, Hash-to-coins and Eobot mining pools; added BTClevels accounts; disabled ScryptGuild,, b(e^5) and RapidHash mining pools; fixed XPM addresses and accounts not updating; updated example graph images.
10 September
Added currency support for Darkcoin, Vericoin, Nxt, DKK and INR; rewrote graphing framework; added simple currency pair graphs for all exchange pairs; graphs can now be refreshed manually; disabled Dogechain Pool,, and Shibe Pool mining pools; notifications can now be individually disabled; automatic transactions have been disabled, but can be re-enabled through your wizards; you can now add multiple named offsets for each currency; fixed DOGE addresses not updating; updated supported currencies from Crypto-Trade, and other exchanges.
24 July
Added currency support for Blackcoin; added Bittrex exchange; you can now vote for new currencies to be added; changed NMC addresses to use; changed NVC addresses to use Novacoin explorer; Ripple addresses will now also fetch non-XRP balances; improved notifications for DOGE balances; disabled Mining Foreman mining pool; fixed IXC addresses not updating; updated icons in Crypto Converter Android app.
25 June
Added currency support for SGD; added itBit exchange ticker; changed PPC and DGC addresses to use; changed WDC addresses to use Worldcoin Explorer; site design is now slightly more responsive; user accounts can now be deleted; created the CryptFolio blog.
28 May
Added ANXPRO,, Poloniex exchanges; updated supported currencies; added MuPool mining pool.
21 May
Added initial site translations into German, French, Japanese, Russian and Chinese (Simplified) languages; enabled contributions for improving these translations.
12 May
Added finance accounts and finance categories; added support for creating manual transactions; added transactions export as CSV; added support for listing daily exchange rates with your transactions.
25 April
Added currency support for KRW; added Kraken exchange; added market average price indices, and enabled price average summary calculations; added initial Your Transactions interface for testing, and automatic transaction creation; added RapidHash DOGE, RapidHash VTC and Cryptotroll DOGE mining pools; accounts can now be manually disabled; added more large graph sizes; fixed DGC and WDC addresses not updating.
21 April
Added support for password signup and login; rewrote Openclerk to use new build tools and technologies; fixed TRC and NVC addresses not updating; fixed mining pool accounts not updating.
7 April
Added currency support for Ixcoin, Vertcoin, Netcoin, Hobonickels and ILS; added Bit2c exchange; added ScryptGuild mining pool; enabled a number of exchange currency pairs.
21 March
Added currency support for Digitalcoin and Worldcoin; added Cryptsy accounts; added Shibe Pool, CryptoPools DGC and d2 WDC mining pools; disabled Litecoin Global and BTC Trading Co. security exchanges; disabled Small Time Miner Megacoin mining pool.
27 February
Released the Crypto Converter Android app, based on the CryptFolio calculator.
17 February
Added currency support for Megacoin; added Vault of Satoshi exchange; added, TeamDoge, DOGE, Small Time Miner Megacoin, Ecoining Peercoin, Nut2Pools FTC and 50BTC mining pools; added new subcategories interface for report graphs; premium accounts can now be purchased with Dogecoin; disabled mining pool.
1 February
Added currency converter calculator tool and graph; bid/ask is now used instead of buy/sell; Bitstamp is now the default USD/BTC exchange; added Coinbase exchange and accounts; added Litecoininvest and BTCInve securities exchange and individual securities; generic APIs can now have value multipliers; Ripple and Namecoin addresses can now be tracked; disabled BIPS accounts; lots of bug fixes.
10 January
Graphs can now show deltas (absolute and percent); updated historical data interface; added currency support for Ripple and PLN; added Bitcurex PLN, Bitcurex EUR and Justcoin exchanges; added HashFaster DOGE, Multipool, WeMineFTC and mining pools; reduced premium prices.
9 January
Added e-mail notifications; improved site performance; fixes for managed graphs; disabled 50BTC mining pool.
23 December
Added live graph updates; accounts can now have multiple OpenID identities; enabled CSV upload and multiple addresses for all cryptocurrencies; added currency support for Dogecoin and GBP; added Dogechain Pool,, Elitist Jerks, HashFaster (LTC, FTC), Ozcoin (LTC, BTC), and TripleMining mining pools; added Coins-E exchange.
4 December
Added currency support for Terracoin; added b(e^5) and mining pools; added Your Hashrates report page; added "BTC Equivalent" (graph, stacked, proportional), "Currency Composition" (stacked, proportional) graph types; disabled BitFunder securities.
28 November
Added currency support for Primecoin; added Eligius, Litepool, CoinHuntr and mining pools.
27 November
Enabled NMC on wallet balances; added currency support for CNY; added BTC China and Cryptsy exchanges; graphs are now loaded asynchronously; failing accounts will now be disabled after repeated errors; enabled site-wide SSL by default.
20 November
Added Bitstamp wallet balances; added 796 Xchange securities exchange and individual securities; added mining pool; disabled Mt.Gox exchange; disabled MintPal exchange; migrated to two new servers.
25 October
Added and Crypto-Trade exchanges; added and Crypto-Trade wallet balances; added Crypto-Trade securities exchange and individual securities; added commodity currency GHS; added account testing functionality; redesigned home page; added features and contact us page.
14 October
Added currency support for Novacoin; added mining pool; added support for individual securities; added Your Currencies tables as graphs; added Your Currencies report page.
26 September
Added BitFunder securities; added new currencies, accounts and report preferences wizards; redesigned signup and login forms; added lots of Help Centre content; updated Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy; updated screenshots.
25 September
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19 September
Added Give Me Coins mining pool; removed Give Me LTC and Mine-Litecoin mining pools.
8 August
Added currency support for CAD; added VirtEx and Bitstamp exchanges; added BitMinter, LiteGuardian and Mine-Litecoin mining pools; added fiat currency exchange rates from TheMoneyConverter; currency composition graphs will now include blockchain and offset values; securities will now display wallet and securities values separately.
25 July
Added currency support for PPCoin; added Mining Foreman (FTC) mining pool; added automatically generated your securities reports; report graphs now link to historical data where possible; added "Heading" graph type.
11 July
Added technical indicator EMA; added Havelock Investments securities; added Mining Foreman (LTC) mining pool; added external API graphs and historical balances graphs; inactive free accounts are now disabled after 30 days.
6 June
Added currency support for AUD; BTC and LTC addresses can now be imported from clients; mining hashrates can now be tracked and graphed; added security value graphs for all security exchanges; added historical security value graphs; added Hypernova and mining pools; updated screenshots.
23 May
Added currency support for EUR; addresses can now have titles; titles can be edited inline; address lists can be sorted.
22 May
Graphs can now be edited inline; added technical indicators SMA, RSI and BOLL.
11 May
Added public historical data; graphs now have configurable date ranges; added BIPS wallet balances; added BTC Guild and 50BTC mining pools.
4 May
Added currency support for Feathercoin; added Cryptostocks securities; added Slush's pool, Give Me LTC and WeMineLTC mining pools.
1 May
We're now live!
28 April
First private release deployed.
24 April
Project started.